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#### Precision Medicine Knowledge Graph
The success or failure of any modern organisation relies greatly on the way they leverage their data. However, most institutions and organisations have no way to aggregate the magnitude and complexity of their disparate data catalogs. They require a unified representation of their data which represents their specific domain truthfully as well as conceptually. In this talk, we introduce how using a knowledge graph addresses these problems in the field of Precision Medicine.

Precision medicine aims at establishing personalised context-centred therapies and diagnostics. This is done by integrating complex and disparate data repositories relating to environmental and molecular origins of diseases.

It has become increasingly difficult to design models for complex diseases which accommodate genetic individual variabilities. We need efficient and successful techniques to integrate, manage, maintain and visualise sizeable datasets. These datasets can be from a multitude of sources, having many various formats and levels of confidentiality. This forms the need to accumulate all this knowledge in one single structured architecture - a knowledge graph.

In this talk, we aspire to inspire a strategy, motivated by translational bioinformatics, to demonstrate how to fulfil the promises of Precision Medicine using Grakn.

#### Syed Irtaza Raza, Software and Biomedical Engineer @ Grakn Labs
Syed is a Software and Biomedical Engineer at Grakn, primarily working on introducing the world on how to use a knowledge graph such as Grakn to build cognitive/intelligent systems in the Biomedical domain. To achieve this, he is implementing innovative examples as templates and ideas for how clients and community members may apply in their own specific projects of any field.

With a background in Electrical, Software and Biomedical Engineering, Syed’s mission is to discover and implement intelligent biomedical tools that are only possible with Grakn as a knowledge graph.

Timings: 18.30 - 19.00: Networking & Drinks

19.00 - 19.45: Precision Medicine Knowledge Graph

19.45 - 21.00: Networking & Drinks