HH.security #9

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sum.cumo GmbH

Schäferkampsallee 16 · Hamburg

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Take the underground to station "Schlump" and you are almost there. The event will take place at the 5th floor.

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Hey folks, save the date for the next HH.security meetup. We are still looking for speakers - so if you want to give a talk, please contact Florian and me.

This time, sum.cumo, a strongly growing, innovative digital company with locations in Hamburg and Düsseldorf, is our host. sum.cumo will provide the room, drinks and food.

Doors will open at 6:30 pm. Talks will start at 7 pm.

Talk 1

Speaker: Morton Swimmer

Title: Vulnerable as a Service

Cloud computing was supposed to make infrastructure outsourcing both easier and less expensive than maintaining one’s own data centers. Many cloud providers also offer much better security by also outsourcing systems maintenance and updates and creating a programmable infrastructure that in principle should be easier to secure in a systematic way. Instead, we are seeing new sorts of vulnerabilities emerge most likely because the complexity of the cloud offerings, the lack of experience operating systems not on premises and perhaps just plain sloppiness on the part of the operational staff. The result is unnecessarily exposed systems that inevitably get attacked.