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Welcome! This is a Meetup group for Indie-Arthouse-Movie-Fans/Enthusiasts/Lovers in Frankfurt am Main!

Do you love to watch independent/arthouse movies? Do you love to watch foreign movies in the original language (e.g. OmU)? Do you prefer smaller cinemas rather than the big mainstream movie houses? Then let us meet and watch movies – we can meet prior to the film for dinner or for some drinks afterwards and talk about the movies or anything else ;-) Suggestions for movies are welcome!

I prefer to have small groups of reliable people rather than big anonymous groups with zero commitment, reliability and appreciation! Check on general rules of the group!

Organizers are investing time and effort by setting-up/organizing meetup events – plus we are paying for it (only organizers) – I am therefore kindly asking you to follow and to respect the following SIMPLE RULES:

*Keep in mind: Everyone is responsible for purchasing his/her own cinema ticket. Be fair! Please do only reply with “RSVP: YES” if you are really interested in joining the Meetup event. Keep your "RSVP" status up-to-date. If you cannot join or are running late, please do inform the organizer and update your status – especially if there has been made a table reservation at a restaurant, a) because other interested members might be on the waiting list, b) in order to amend the reservation at the restaurant. Everybody pays his own bill for meals and drinks. Members who replied via the RSVP button with "Yes" but do not show-up without notification will be blocked in the Meetup group/kicked-out of the group. This shall be a group of reliable people - rather small than big with no commitment.*
Looking forward to meeting you at the cinema!
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