*External Event* BuildETH Decentralized App Developer Conference

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*NOTE: This is an outside event organized by BuildETH. You must register at https://www.buildeth.io/. Use discount code "/JAVASCRIPT" for 20% off your ticket.*

BuildETH will be held on July 19, 2019 in San Francisco. It is a one-day Ethereum developer conference and will feature presentations, workshops, round table discussions, and expert sessions from the top developers and architects in the Ethereum and blockchain community.

It will be a premier gathering of the best creators, innovators, and industry experts in the decentralized space. Talks and discussions will cover everything from the basics on Dapp development to issues such as real-world usability, layer 2 solutions for security and scalability, stable coins, network governance, secure smart contract development, decentralized identity, and more.

Register at https://www.buildeth.io/ using discount code javascript for 20% off your ticket.

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