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Two talks: GraalVM and foreign functions

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After a long break, we are happy to announce a new event!

On Saturday, the 10th of September at 18:00 we'll welcome Alina Yurenko and Deepu K Sasidharan to the Java Usergroup Berlin-Brandenburg. They will talk about "Performance and polyglot superpowers for Java with GraalVM" and "Foreign functions in Java".

Because this is our first attempt to organize an event on a Saturday, we don't know how many of you want to attend. This was unfortunately the only option where our speakers could do the talks. We might cancel the event on short notice due to a low number of participants. Please accept the RSVP only if you are sure to attend. We will also shortly clarify the Location depending on the number of participants.

"Performance and polyglot superpowers for Java with GraalVM" by Alina Yurenko
GraalVM is a high-performance virtual machine, bringing new performance optimizations for individual languages and seamless interoperability for polyglot applications. In this session we'll talk about the performance boost you can get from running your programs on GraalVM, see examples of using other languages in Java applications, and will go all the way from starting with GraalVM to using it to make the most out of your application.

Alina is a developer advocate for GraalVM at Oracle Labs, a research & development organization at Oracle. A big believer in open source and communities, helping JHipster, community organizer in the past. Love both programming & natural languages:)

"Let's talk about Foreign functions in Java" by Deepu K Sasidharan
Java 19 will finally have the first preview of Foreign Function & Memory API. Let's do a test drive of what is in store and see if it is good enough to replace JNI. Let's be honest, JNI is not secure and is controversial, and it's high time we move away from it and adopt FFI like in many other modern languages. But is the new API enough, or do we need to consider external libraries like JNA or JNR-FFI? I'll also showcase some examples of using the new API and some benchmarks.

Deepu K Sasidharan is a Software Engineer by passion and profession. He is a Java Champion working as a Senior Developer Advocate at Okta. He is the co-lead of JHipster and the creator of KDash and JDL Studio. He is a polyglot programmer working with Java, Rust, JavaScript, Go, and so on. He is also a cloud technology advocate and an open-source software aficionado. He has authored books on Full-stack development and frequently writes about Java, Rust, JavaScript, Go, DevOps, Kubernetes, Linux, and so on, on his blog.

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Java Usergroup Berlin-Brandenburg
Java Usergroup Berlin-Brandenburg
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