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League of Geeks is local community from Passau, Germany for everybody who's into technology to some extend. 🤓🤖🚀

No matter if you are an Entrepreneur, Student, Software Developer, Researcher, Data Scientist or somehow else involved or interested into Innovation - League of Geeks is for you! 😀

Our meetups takes place once a month on a Wednesday evening (6pm) at the Minnosphere Innovation Lab. Every meetup features a selected talk presented to you by an expert in that specific area. After the talk, we love to hang out for a beer and get to know each other. We'd love to meet you at our next event!

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All Things IoT

minnosphere GmbH

Container-based Virtualization

minnosphere GmbH

Life of a UX Designer

minnosphere GmbH

Machine Learning with TensorFlow

minnosphere GmbH

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