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Three or four times a year, I run an intensive 6-day workshop to teach you how to read Thai. By the end of six days, you will be able to recognize just about any Thai word and sound it out accurately with the correct tone. You won't necessarily understand what you are reading, that comes later. If you want to learn Thai, it may not seem a priority to be able to read; but the primary aim of the Rapid Method is to learn to SPEAK and UNDERSTAND Thai with minimal effort. You won't learn quickly - because learning a language is kind of an organic process, like growing a vine or a tree, it can't be rushed. But by spending just a little time each day, you will continuously improve not only your conversational Thai but also become more fluent at reading Thai. (I don't bother with writing. It's a different and very advanced skill and not really relevant to being able to speak Thai.) When you can read Thai: 1) you will be able to speak clearly and accurately, it's almost impossible to do so if you can't read and rely on phonetic transliterations; 2) you can absorb Thai independently direct from your surroundings by paying attention to street signs, menus and notices. No Thai person can help you to read with the Rapid Method because it's almost entirely from a Western/English-speaking perspective. The memory techniques, stories and mnemonics require a fairly sophisticated understanding of Western language and culture. And the follow-on courses are primarily self-study, but the strategy is to engage a private Thai language tutor who can help you with the nuances and the details and practice conversation for just two one-hour sessions per week. The remarkable thing about reading is that you can hear and understand spoken Thai much more clearly and easily if you can follow the text at the same time. Later, when you are ready to watch and study Thai movies, I recommend that you do so WITH THE THAI SUBTITLES. If you watch a foreign movie with English subtitles then your brain will tune out the dialogue and you will not learn anything!

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Learn to Read Thai once and for all in six days

Chiangmai Grandview

Learn to Read Thai once and for all in six days

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Learn to Read Thai once and for all in six days

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