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Leroc dancing and introduction
Dear Leroc dancers & friends, LEROC IS BACK THIS SEPTEMBER !! Join us for Thursday's Leroc Dancing, and start with an introduction to a partner dance designed for easy learning and great musicality! No set course - YOU CAN START ANY TIME YOU WANT. No need to come with a partner - we will rotate often. No prior dance experience required - we will start from the basics. REMINDER: PLEASE REGISTER ONLY IF YOU ARE COMING - AND COME IF YOU ARE REGISTERED ! Leroc (also known as Ceroc or modern jive) originates from the swing family and mixes figures and techniques from many different dance styles, including latin, tango or blues. Created in London in the early 80s to bring people back to partner dancing, Leroc has no defined footwork and can be danced to many rhythms and styles - a good recipe for great fun and fast learning! After the class, we will go for a spin in a well-known club in town. If you cannot join the class but still want to get your feet loose, send me a message and I'll give you a meeting point. The classes will be taught in English and will last about 50 minutes. We will be about 15 keen dancers. Join us and meet nice people, enjoy the class and dance your socks off all evening! Let the fun begin!!! Eric

GZ Oerlikon

Gubelstrasse 10 · 8050 Zürich

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Calling all Leroc/modern jive dancers in Zürich! Leroc is an easy to learn partner dance well suited for social parties and music interpretation. Let's get together to parties and concerts near Zürich and to week-ends further away. Pasadena in Volketswil and Mausefalle and Tanzwerk101 in Zürich are regular venues for social dancing well suited to Leroc and other dance styles.

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