m3 - Join us to discover the power of #bionic manufacturing



Let’s start this year with an exotic topic within our industry - Bionic Manufacturing.

„I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning.” - Steve Jobs

Bionic is understood as the use of proven solutions from nature for technical challenges. And in nature’s case, it is proven through evolution!

What are some the products and innovations that origin from bionic principles?

• You definitely have heard of the lotus effect which is used for waterproofing and self cleaning surfaces,

• probably used a hook-and-loop fastener just recently,

• and the tires on your vehicle of choice benefited tremendously from nature's evolution.

What more is still hidden in nature that could be a game changer for a product category?

What are more recent innovations in bionics?

How can hardware startups benefit from it?

Is bionic something one should apply early on like, let's say a session of design thinking?

Or is bionic way too complex & costly for a small team with limited budgets?

And how do large corporations in Germany make use of bionic manufacturing?

As always, there is much to discover and we will have the startup, corporate and research perspectives of actual practitioners to make sense of bionic and all of its challenges and benefits.

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See you!

Lutz Villalba

Host at m3 and Head of Growth at Valder Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH (https://onlinekunststoffwerk.de/)


We are proud to present this line-up of bionic specialists to you.

• Intro with drinks

• Presentation: Dr. Lutz Kloke, Founder & Engineer at Cellbricks GmbH

• Presentation: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Mirtsch, R&D Manager at Dr. Mirtsch Wölbstrukturierung GmbH

• Presentation: Dipl.-Ing. Martin Schmidt, Engineer at Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research

• Outro


Here is little teaser about our 3 speakers for our 11th m3 in Berlin.

Dr. Lutz Kloke is developer of the Cellbricks bioprinting technique. He studied pharmacy at Martin-Luther University in Halle and developed therapeutic strategies to autoimmune diseases at the Charité’s German Rheumatology Research Center. Fascinated by the first generation of DIY 3D Printers and he started to build his own ones just as a hobby. This idea grew into the vision to adapt the technology to biotechnology which resulted in the development of the actual printer during his work at TU Berlin and the founding of Cellbricks.

Michael Mirtsch is R&D manager of the Dr. Mirtsch Wölbstrukturierung GmbH which is focusing on developing and manufacturing of more dimensional rigidized sheet metals with high surface quality and innovative light weight products. In the mid-1970s, his father Prof. Mirtsch discovered the bionic principle of the self assembled and energy minimized buckling effect to form vault structures. A series of developments and inventions led to the “Vault structuring technology” of the Dr. Mirtsch Wölbstrukturierung GmbH, which has been successfully applied in automotive, architectural and other applications such as the Miele Washing drum. The Dr. Mirtsch Wölbstrukturierung GmbH has won various awards such as the Innovation Award Berlin/Brandenburg and the German Material Efficiency Award and holds about 30 national and international patents and patent applications concerning the vault structuring technology.

Martin Schmidt is a biotechnologist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research. He accumulated 10+ years of practical experience within biotechnology which led him to eventually “farm” silk proteins from bacteria to produce 100% vegan, biodegradable, high performing fibers on an industrial scale. These “bionic” fibers can be used on aerospace, automotives, sport goods and textiles.

Our visitors include talents from:

• any engineering branch

• any design discipline

• any kind of maker project

• any kind of hardware venture

• any entrepreneurial sector

• Tier-1 suppliers

• top research institutions

• leading universities

• top VC firms, corporate VCs & accelerators