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Food and Film Club - Comedy Night
FFC is a "dinner and movie" experience in a cozy atmosphere. To each course we show a short film and give you a little background story to each item on the menu. In this edition, our trained chef Simone Haselier will present a fun menu for a fun evening. Completing the perfect pairing, we match award-winning, hilarious comedy shorts by internationally acclaimed directors. MENU (COMING SOON!) (Vegetarian options available for each course) Aperitif & Niblets * Appetizer * Main Course * Desert (Non-alcoholic beverage options are available) PRICE: 25,- +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please buy your tickets in advance here https://www.themadrabaz.com/food-and-film-club/ or via paypal: https://www.paypal.me/madrabaz/25 WE HAVE LIMITED CAPACITY - FIRST COME FIRST SERVED :)


Friedrichstraße 68 · Berlin

Worum es bei uns geht

Madrabaz is an experience generator, sometimes a culinary trickster but always a cultural ambassador.

A "Madrabaz" was the link between people and food. It was the Madrabaz's mission to bring food from all over the world to the tables of many. Madrabaz helped people to learn, understand, enjoy and love food and its multicultural sources and influences.

This is the inspiration of Madrabaz Food Tours and Dinner Events. We at Madrabaz want to create that exciting link between cultures. At our events, we offer a platform for conversations food while enjoying food. Through the "Madrabaz experience" at our tables, our guests will connect through ethical, cultural and political issues. We believe the more people learn and understand other cultures the more they can enjoy and love each other.

We choose food and culinary experiences as our centerpiece because food is personal, global and unifying. It touches our souls, our minds and our bellies. Each of us uses it to express love, desire, creativity and more. You can identify a person, a culture or a movement by its culinary choices. Although many subjects can emerge during a conversation while eating, food itself is the most common and rich source of conversation. From flavors to cultural differences, from baking-preservation techniques to bactericides, from land grabbing to climate change, many issues open up at our tables. Eating is a social and a political activity as much as an essential and vital one. This is exactly what makes food so beautiful, so fascinating, interesting and complex.

Come to Madrabaz. Stay awhile and listen. We have many stories to share.

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