Vergangenes Meetup

Vavr (previously known as Javaslang) - Functional Java the Easy Way


Note: Please bring your Laptops. We will write some code in Vavr.

This talk will introduce you to Vavr (previously known as Javaslang), a library that borrows heavily from Scala and applies Scala's ideas to plain old Java.

We will cover some of the productivity enhancements and syntactic sugar that Vavr offers, such as pattern matching aka. structural composition, value types and functional data types.

Vavr can be a building block for functional business code, that is easy to maintain and understand. It consists of a broad set of ideas and enhancements to Java and makes developing in a more-or-less functional style so much easier. Developers that have tried Scala but have to develop business assets using Java do not have to despair anymore.

This quick overview shows how to improve business code using Vavr using actual code from our projects (although anonymized for obvious reasons) and give a taste of the features and benefits a small library like Vavr offers.


David Schmitz ( is pricinpal architect at Senacor Technologies with a history of + 13 years of working in various projects using a bunch of different stacks and environments. Current focus is on migrating architectures and organizations, such that our customers can cope with the challenges of the digital age.

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