1. Apache Flink Meetup Tel-Aviv @ Clicktale


We're very excited and honored to host the first Apache Flink meetup HERE at Clicktale ISRAEL. This event is for anyone who wants to understand more about Apache Flink. We’re eager to share our experience with Flink and how Flink helped us to translate different business scenarios into stable big data products.


6pm-6:30pm: Meet & Greet w/ beers and pizzas.

6:30 - 7:30pm: “Apache Flink: Building a Stream Processor for fast analytics, event-driven applications, event time, and tons of state” and Q&A by Robert Metzger (Engineering Manager at data Artisans and Apache Flink PMC member)

7:30 - 7:40pm: Break

7:40 - 8pm: “Flink the Clicktale story: Why Clicktale needs fast stateful processing” by Daniel Miodownik (Clicktale)

8pm - 8:30pm: "Using Flink at scale to build data products" by Gennady Gilin (Clicktale)


Clicktale talks:
In the world of big data, we need to build systems that will be able to analyze, validate and save massive amounts if data. We will share our insights about using using Flink Streaming API to build stable and reliable data products that handles thousands of requests per second, by showing code examples that runs on production.

Apache Flink talk:
In the talk, we’ll give an overview of Apache Flink, a distributed stateful stream processor. The overview will cover all the main features like state, time and snapshots.
Then, we’ll look at the available APIs in Flink and some implementation details. For example, we will describe how jobs are deployed, how the checkpointing mechanism works and how "good old" SQL is possible also on data streams.

At the end, we’ll also show how some of the biggest companies in the world are using Flink in production.

About the speakers:

Robert Metzger is an Engineering Manager and Co-founder at data Artisans, the company behind open source Apache Flink which brings real-time data applications to the enterprise. Robert leads the team that's building dA Platform, which enables turnkey stream processing with Apache Flink.

Robert studied Computer Science at TU Berlin and worked at IBM Germany and at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose. He is a frequent speaker at conferences such as the Hadoop Summit, ApacheCon, and meetups around the world. Robert is also a member of the Apache Software Foundation, serving as a PMC member on the Flink and Bahir projects.

Gennady Gilin has been developing reliable, high scale big data systems for the past 10 years. In the last year at Clicktale, he has implemented different scalable data products from scratch using Java and Apache Flink, which are now handling traffic of billions of requests per day.

Daniel Miodownik is the manager of analytics services at clicktale and has been managing software teams in the data realm for the past 11 years.