DDD#1: How to get started... and how not to

STEYG GmbH & Co. KG – Startup.Hub.Stuttgart

Lautenschlagerstraße 16 · Stuttgart

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How to get to STEYG: Go to the courtyard entrance between "Motel One" and "Manufaktum" and take the 3rd door in Lautenschlagerstr. 16

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In this introductory talk to Domain Driven Design we will be covering the essentials. What makes DDD what it is and what doesn’t.

Domain Driven Design has been around for 15 years and yet we continue to find new ways of implementing its ideas and principles.

This talk is aimed at people who work with software everyday. You can be on the business side or on the technical side. We welcome both, the ones who have never heard of DDD and the seasoned veterans.

Being part of a series of talks and workshops. We plan to provide enough theory and practice to get you started with Domain Driven Design. This session will rather focus on the theoretical part of DDD.

Peeking into some of the topics…
Where did we go wrong.
DDD in a nutshell.
How not to get started.
How to get started

6:30pm - Get together
7:00pm - Talk by Cristian Benedit
8:00pm - Discussion, Networking and Drinks

Cristian is a software developer, who believes that software is a lot more about people than it is about technology. He fights the dragon of accidental complexity every day with his favourite weapon of choice, design. He also enjoys pairing and practicing tdd. He never deals in absolutes, only siths do that.