TW hosts: Test Hive Germany - Connecting dots with Contract Tests

ThoughtWorks Stuttgart
ThoughtWorks Stuttgart
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Go to the courtyard entrance between "Motel One" and "Manufaktum" and take the 3rd door in Lautenschlagerstr. 16.

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Test Hive is a beehive for all quality freaks, a community for everything related to software testing. Come testers, unite and share the knowledge.
After creating events in 3 cities all around the world (Istanbul, Manchester and Dubai) Test Hive is now running in Germany. We are proud to host another event in Stuttgart!

Jing and Alper will be talking about an essential part of a micro-services architecture.
As everybody knows, micro-services are becoming increasingly popular in the landscape of Service-Oriented Architecture. More companies are becoming enamored with them and with good reason. It’s easier for a new developer to become productive on micro-services as opposed to full-blown, monolithic applications.
But, micro-services that are not well tested are accidents waiting to happen.

The people advocate using a variety of strategies to ensure that your micro-services work as you intend them to, all the way from automated unit testing to the higher level, human-based testing.

One strategy particularly useful for testing micro-services and has become quite mature, which you might have already heard of, is Contract Testing.

What is it exactly? And how does it help us to improve quality? Let’s make the contract testing better-known with our session.

6:30 - 7:00pm: Welcome and snacks
7:00 - 8:00pm: Talk by Jing and Alper
8:00 - 10pm: Q&A and Networking

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