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Who are we ?

We are a community of Queer women-identifying and Non-Binary persons 18+. Our main language is English.

We're building up an active community to make it easy to meet people, especially if you're new in town or just looking for like-minded friends.

What do we stand for ?

We fight for gender equality, integration, cultural expression for women and promotion of arts. We stand with the demand of the 2019 CSD to create more visibility for queer women in our society.

What is our project ?

We want to integrate the international queer women community (and of course also germans) and make space for exchange, because we are underrepresented in the LGBTQ* world as we are everywhere. Our goal is to have an actual living room where we can gather, relax and have drinks. Also, we want to provide a space where everyone can share cultural events, do performances, organize workshops, screen movies / documentaries...

What do we do on Meetup ?

As for now we don't have an actual living room, we organize and join queer events. Our focus is on events in english for women and AFAB people.

If you want to look up upcoming events, see our calendar:


It will be updated on a regular basis, so you don't miss out on any events :)

This is a very open group, everybody is welcome to organize meetups any time. We will organize meetups on a regular basis, but if you want to go to another event and are still looking for people to join, feel free to create a meetup yourself.

How can you participate to the project ?

If you want to help us build up the project, don't hesitate to contact us on the group or at an event. We have regular organizational meetings and we're still looking for people to help us found the registered association.

Bevorstehende Events (2)

Vulva modeling workshop -exhibition: breaking blades - break off FGM·C

VENUS ANATOMY Vulva Modeling Workshop. By Maria Villanueva. Coordinated by Karne Kunst. In framework of Ausstellung/ exhibition: breaking blades - break off FGM·C In this workshop, we will create small sculptures and drawings of vulvas taking as a starting point of nature and human anatomy. Maria is an artist who is working on a "body mapping" project. The proposal is to produce small pieces of clay or similar material, modeling the vulva as an excuse to talk about our body and our sexuality. Workshop in English and Spanish Spende suggested: 5 Euros. Photo by Taras Chernus on Unsplash About "breaking blades": According to the latest dark digit statistics of TERRE DES FEMMES, there are currently an estimated 70,000 women in Germany who are affected by the ritual of female genital mutilation/cutting, in short FGM-C. Furthermore, the women's rights organisation estimated the number of vulnerable girls at risk at approx. 17,600. For "breaking blades" the photographer A. Pohsegger has processed the experiences of those affected, who live here in the German-speaking world, medially in order to make their story accessible to the public. The people affected are primarily women who have experienced FGM-C, as well as people who grew up in the respective cultures of FGM-C practising countries. In cooperation with https://mhhub.org and Terre des Femmes (https://www.frauenrechte.de) With the support of: Karne Kunst, The Case For Her, Lichtblick-Kino Berlin, The Women in Economics Initiative, Xochicuicatl e.V. Asociación de mujeres latinoamericanas en Berlín, bUm - Raum für die engagierte Zivilgesellschaft and Tostan.

Queer orchestra concert - 20 years of concentus alius - Anniversary concert

20 years of concentus alius Anniversary concert: Saturday, 2 November, 6 p.m. – to be followed by a grand party The second night: Sunday, 3 November, 8 p.m. (unfortunately, an earlier time was not possible) Venue: Emmaus-Kirche P r o g r a m Tchaikovsky, 5th Symphony in E minor op. 64 and The Best(?) of concentus alius from 1999 to 2019 – being a review of highs (and lows?) of our programs since the first concentus aliusperformance of 12 July 2000: J. Strauss jr., G. Fauré, T. Faßhauer, W. Lautenschläger, C. Gounod. Tickets https://www.eventim-light.com/de/a/5c18de7aa3e89000011efb9c/e/5d62f0f910560c00014827a3

Vergangene Events (5)

Conference - women in academia and entrepreneurship

WeWork Stralauer Allee 6

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