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#BUIDL Meetups are hands-on sessions, where we create a cozy environment for anyone who wants learn development languages, frameworks, or any toolkits that are currently used, or will be used, to build the decentralized future. In collaboration with existing projects in the Blockchain ecosystem, each #BUIDL session's content will be adapted to each project's case, which will also predefine the tech stack taught and used for the session. E.g., if the collaboration project is building a product around ERC721 tokens (CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties), the stack taught is likely to be Solidity and frameworks for Ethereum Dapps. If the project is building their own Blockchain or ecosystem of Blockchains (Cøsmos, Polkadot), the language is likely to be Go, Rust, C or C++. We want it to be gemütlich enough to make builders with any background (some XP in coding will always be helpful), knowledge about the industry, genre, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc, feel fluffy, comfy, and productive while learning <3

### Why did we start #BUIDL and what makes us different from most Blockchain-related Meetups & events? ###

I'm sure you've been exposed to many, many notifications on blockchain events, where the format is: listen to these cool projects' product pitches, listen to the panel composed by X, Y, Z (famous, semi-famous speakers in the space), etc. While we strongly believe that spread of awareness is key in this space, we believe that events should not be used only as a marketing tool for existing and upcoming projects. We believe that learning and building will be key for a sustainable development of the blockchain ecosystem. We believe that the audience's time is precious and should not be wasted in just sitting in front of some semi-arbitrary speakers and consume whatever information they are spreading.

### What will be the format of these events? ###

The sessions will be split into two parts. Part 1 has the goal of setting up the context for Part 2, depending on how much content there must be in this part, it can take from 25-40% of the entire duration of the event:

• Theory, basic concepts

• Introduction to the problems that the project is trying to solve

• A peak into the tooling, tech-stack used by the project

Part 2 is about building, depending on each case, it will take from 60-75% of the entire duration of the event:

• Hands-on starts, build something from scratch with the help of mentors

### What do I need to prepare to make the most from these events? ###

• Needless to say, Bring Your Own Computer (preferably a laptop, if you want to bring a stationary, please let us know in advance so we can make sure it's safe to).

• Before every session, there will be an announcement of starting code, tools and environment requirements that you will need. To maximise the use of your time at the event, we strongly recommend that you get everything setup so you can immediately start building.

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