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Come and hear live debates from local technologists. We are a bunch of Swiss techies who love to debate anything and everything having to do with Swiss and global technology trends, challenges, success stories and real life experiences. Each month, we bring together a panel of technologists with diverse topical perspectives, and moderate a lively, energized debate.

Some things just don’t change, only the topics do. We are Zurich Tech Debates, where AWS versus Google Cloud or Azure, Full Stack versus Specialization, New features requests versus Technical Debt, React Native versus Swift and Java, Best practices in Micro-services architecture, How to Hire Developers are just some of the things we might discuss. Informative, entertaining, and thought provoking, our mission each month is to bring together a diverse representation of Swiss’s tech community for conversation, conviviality, and networking around a current topic of interest to Zürich’s tech community.

We encourage you to suggest one or more topics, and nominate any lively debaters who are willing to offer their opinion in a friendly but assertive way.

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