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This is a group for everybody who is interested in making 'mindful' walks together in the beautiful nature in the South of the Netherlands and part of Belgium and Germany and occasionally in different areas.

The goal is to organize weekly walks in which respect for each other and nature are central elements during the walks. Being deliberately aware of your body, mind, and feelings in the present moment, in order to create a feeling of calm during the walks. Being mindful about yourself and the surroundings. The walking speed depends on the group but enjoying the surroundings is more important than the walking speed.

Although walks can be meditative in itself the walks are not intended to practice walking mindfulness meditation although you're obviously free to do so when walking with the group.

As a member of the group you can also send me a message when you want to schedule a walk or other activity in your area. Just send me the dates/times and general information and I will place it on the event calendar.

Walks will be logged on: Wikiloc MindfulNatureWalks (https://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/user.do?id=5244575)

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Vijlenerbos +- 9KM Walk & Talk with stop at 't Boscafe Hijgend Hert

Vijlenerbos +- 9KM Walk with stop at Boscafe 't Hijgend Hert Carpooling/pickups: 72 hours before the walk I'll send out my phonenumber to join the whatsapp group for this walk. This to see if people can carpool with other people coming over. If you want to join but hesitate to do so because of transportation pls send me a message. About the walk: Nice and easy walk near Epen/Vaals mostly covered by trees and a nice place to stop and have some drinks in between. Walking speed is re-creative. The route is as shown on https://nl.wikiloc.com/routes-wandelen/vijlenerbos-8-9-km-18419681 with a stop at https://www.boscafe.nl/home/ The start is on the parking place across Lodge 7 on Epenerbaan 1 Vaals. Maker of pictures =Tjaart Molenkamp @ Wikiloc (https://nl.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/user.do?id=91718)

NS Walk Veluwezoom (Near Arnhem starts at "Dieren trainstation")

This NS walk was chosen by the walkers as the nicest NS Walk in the Netherlands. Depening on the number of people joining we will see if we take the 11km or the 14km walk. Also taking the weather into account. Info about the route on these sites: https://www.frankwandelt.nl/gelderland/ns-wandeling-nationaal-park-veluwezoom-wandeltocht-van-dieren-naar-rheden-of-velp https://www.ns.nl/dagje-uit/wandelen/veluwezoom.html

NS-Walk Sint-Pietersberg 14KM (Start @ trainstation Maastricht)

In the morning first mindfulness @ https://www.meetup.com/nl-NL/music-and-mental-health/events/mlkrzqyzmblb/ Not part of this meetup but recommended to connect to yourself in the morning. See link for info. ------------------------------ -------------------------- ----------------------------------- As requested by some group members a walk starting at the trainstation in Maastricht. The route is 14km long but can be shortened to 9 km for people who find 14 km too far. The route is easy and doesn't include the "two bumps" of last walk near Sint-Pieter :) We meet at the main entrance in front of the train station. The route is shown on "https://www.ns.nl/dagje-uit/wandelen/sint-pietersberg.html" and is called "NS-wandeling Sint-Pietersberg" Map of route: https://www.ns.nl/binaries/_ht_1533041927417/content/assets/ns-nl/dagje-uit/wandelen/2018/routekaart-pietersberg-maastricht.pdf

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