• Co-Organisator
    Beigetreten 10. Mai 2012
    I've got a background in helping big and small companies partner. I've done some of that at Minibar and some at big companies too. Interested in finding new ways to build models where everybody wins.
  • Assistenz-Organisator
    Beigetreten 16. Mai 2011
    I'm @mstafford and am the co-founder of @9others and @StudentUpstarts as well as helping out organising @MiniBarLondon
  • Organisator
    Beigetreten 31. Okt. 2006
    I organise MiniBar, and work closely with start ups helping them grow and develop their tech strategy. We also run workshops and digital skills courses. We also work with big companies so they can learn from start ups. Check us out MiniBarLabs.com.