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Vortragsabend: Apps with Xamarin & Consuming RESTful APIs with Swagger

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Wir möchten euch gerne zum nächsten Vortragsabend am Donnerstag, den 12. April ab 18:30 Uhr in die Räumlichkeiten von / Headquarter[s] Downtown einladen.

Mit zwei spannenden Vorträgen zu den Themen Xamarin und RESTful APIs with Swagger wird dies bestimmt ein spannder, informativer und diskussionsfreudiger Abend.

Sylwester Wieczorkowski arbeiten als Lead Developer bei Leaware.

App-Development with Xamarin

The first talk will give you an introduction into Xamarin and the pros and cons of it, and why Leaware develops all their apps with it.

The talk will also compare the different front technolgies Xamarin.Forms vs Xamarin Native vs MvvmCross, and how to choose the right approach for each project.

What are the challenges in long-term development of apps for different platforms, with the context of a Shared codebase, User Experience and Maintenance/documentation.

Consuming RESTful APIs with Swagger

The most apps today are based on massiv API usage. The second talk will give an introduction into Swagger and how to keep your mobile data access layer up-to-date in no time.

It shows also how to speed up integration of mobile app with the backend?

Über Leaware

Thanks to Leaware for supporting us and both talks of this evening. Leaware is a international (Poland, Germany and USA) app agency.


~ 18:30 Uhr Opening & come together
~ 19:00 Uhr Talks

App-Development with Xamarin
Sylwester Wieczorkowski, Leaware

Consuming RESTful APIs with Swagger
Sylwester Wieczorkowski, Leaware

danach Diskutieren, austauschen, Bier trinken, etc.