• Making Hit Casual Games (Event #2: Idle Games) - Kolibri & Homa Games

    Fora - Spitalfields - Folgate St.

    It’s been a couple of months since our first event, and what a turn out it was! Thanks again to our speakers, and everyone who could make it that evening 👏🏻 We're very excited to announce the second event is happening this October, here in London. This time, we’re letting Idle Games take the stage. Just like the last event, we have 3 awesome speakers lined up, all of which will be sharing their expert advice, experiences, tips, and tricks when launching Idle games. Followed shortly by pizza, drinks, and a chance to catch up with like-minded game developers 😉 Our lineup: 1. Iván Bravo, Director of Customer Operations at GameAnalytics Topic: The Latest Trends in Idle Games Using data from up to 100,000 mobile games, we’ll start the evening with an industry update, sharing the freshest insights and KPIs for the Idle genre, as well as news about our upcoming features. 2. Olivier Le Bas, VP Business Development at Homa Games Topic: The story of Idle World Idle publishing experts, Homa Games, have agreed to shine a light on one of their biggest hit games, Idle World (reaching over 4 million downloads worldwide), as well as what it takes for an Idle game to get published in today’s market. 3. Nate Barker, Director of Business Development at Kolibri Topic: Idle Miner Tycoon to Idle Factory Tycoon - What we learned Having created one of the most popular idle games on the market, Idle Miner Tycoon, Kolibri will share with us their latest game, and how they built on what they learned from their first title to create their next big hit, Idle Factory Tycoon. And as mentioned, we'll bring the drinks and pizza 🍕🥤 All you need to do is bring yourself (and a friend, if you'd like). Spaces are limited, so please make sure to RSVP to save yourself a seat! Psst... If you missed our last event, check out the highlights here: https://gameanalytics.com/blog/making-hit-hyper-casual-games-event.html 🤫

  • Making Hit Casual Games (Event #1: Hyper-Casual) - Voodoo & Platonic Games

    To make sure you get on our guest list, please get your free ticket through our Eventbrite page here >> https://gameanalytics-hyper-casual-games-arcade-revolution.eventbrite.com It’s been a while, but we’re kicking off this Summer early with our first (of many) game dev meet-ups. This time, with a focus on Hyper-Casual games. We have 3 awesome speakers lined up for this event, all of which will be sharing their expert advice, experience, tips, and tricks when launching hyper-casual games. Followed shortly by pizza, drinks, and a chance to catch up with like-minded game developers. Our lineup: 1. Ioana Hreninciuc, CEO at GameAnalytics Topic: The Latest Trends in Hyper-Casual Games Using data from our portfolio of 74,000+ mobile games, we’ll kick off the evening with an industry update, sharing the freshest insights and KPIs for the hyper-casual category, as well as news about our upcoming features. 2. Alexander Shea - Publishing at Voodoo Topic: Hypercasual in a Hypercompetitive Market Hyper-casual industry experts, Voodoo, will be joining us to share their best tips, tricks, and advice when launching hit mobile games. If you're considering publishing a hyper-casual game in the near future, then we definitely recommend you come and meet the pros. 3. Valeria Castro - CEO at Platonic Games Topic: How We Found A Hyper-Casual Niche And to finish off the evening, Platonic Games have agreed to shed a light on how they found a niche with Kawaii, and how exactly they found success with such a small team and limited resources. And as mentioned, we'll bring the drinks and pizza. All you need to do is bring yourself (and a friend, if you'd like). Spaces are limited, so please make sure to RSVP to save yourself a seat on our Eventbrite page here >> https://gameanalytics-hyper-casual-games-arcade-revolution.eventbrite.com

  • Make beautiful games that are popular all over the world

    We have kickass speakers and 3 great talks on building well designed games with high production quality and global appeal, from Ustwo Games, Nerial, and GameAnalytics. Joel Beardshaw, Senior Designer at the award-winning mobile game studio Ustwo Games, who built the acclaimed Monument Valley series will talk about making "Games for everyone". Joel will be discussing the processes he and his team go through when attempting to create mobile games with universal appeal. How do you make a game that can be played and enjoyed by experienced gamers and non-gamers alike? In a career spanning more than 10 years, Joel has also worked for AAA studios such as Codemasters, working on titles such as 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand and Micro Machines. Francois Alliot, Founder of Nerial and creator of the Reigns series that instantly became a hit premium game with millions of downloads will talk about "Reigns of Chaos: Designing Reigns". François is a game developer, designer and writer, and he created the studio Nerial 4 years ago. Through Nerial, he has released 5 games : Singular (a bubble paper puzzle game), Magic Shot (a procedurally generated French billiards game), Passengers (a migrant smuggler satire management), Devouring Stars (a RTS with galactic entities), Reigns and Reigns Her Majesty (binary Kingdom management and adventure games). Me, Ioana Hreninciuc, COO of GameAnalytics will discuss our latest research into player behavior, this time considering the APAC market with: "Looking East: Analyzing the behavior & preferences of Chinese gamers". This is one of my favorite pieces of research to date, with some truly interesting insights on the engagement, retention, and spending patterns of players in the world's most populous country and economy. With over +40,000 games and +600 million players analyzed, this is the most comprehensive piece of research currently available in the gaming market, and we're looking forward to sharing the findings with developers everywhere. Pizza and drinks GameAnalytics will be sponsoring pizza and beers, so just bring your nice, curious self, and any questions you may have about game design, development, or conquering the world.

  • How to launch a hit indie game - from dev to publishing

    Hey there, mobile and game devs! We're kicking off the group again with a new series of meetups and a great lineup of speakers from all sides of the industry. Here's what you can expect from our first get together on Oct. 4th! Speaker lineup Voodoo - Hugo Peyron, Head of Publishing Hugo will talk about the rise of Voodoo and their transformation from game developer to publisher of multiple no. 1 hits like Paper.io and Snake vs. Block, with 20 million UA downloads in a month. At Voodoo, Hugo is in charge of finding new studio partners, onboarding and coaching them so they can turn their game into a hit. PocketGamer - Dave Bradley, COO of Steel Media Dave will speak about 5 ways to get your indie mobile game noticed by the press. He has 20 years of experience as a games and entertainment journalist and editor, and is the COO of Steel Media who publish PocketGamer. GameAnalytics - Ioana Hreninciuc, Head of Product GameAnalytics currently tracks more than 12.000+ games and we have just done some research on trends in game genres. I'll talk about where is retention growing and where it is dropping, how is session length changing over time, what are the up and coming genres you should be considering for your next game, and which ones are becoming less popular. More details on the talks will follow. GameAnalytics will sponsor drinks and food so bring your friends ^.^

  • WebGL - The State of the Art plus Networking

    Skills Matter | Code Node

    An introduction to WebGL and a review of its current state, with plenty of demo's and a look at some of the development tools, APIs and other resources available. Including: WebGL 2 - browser support (spoiler: only a little and experimental) and features WebVR - VR right in the browser Dev tools and debuggers - edit shaders and fix in-browser glTF - 3D file format of the future Followed by an informal chat / networking at the bar (soft drinks available). 6:30 for a 7:00 start Pizza - (I'm looking into alternatives to Domino's) Show 'n' tell - if you have a project or similar you'd like to show, drop me a line and we'll see what we can do. Registration at Skills Matter site https://skillsmatter.com/meetups/8447-webgl-the-state-of-the-art-plus-networking

  • Demo Day

    Loading Bar (Scenario)

    Our previous Demo Day we got to turn our event into a comic with iComic (http://www.icomicapp.com/) and played a very addictive turn-based football match with Ganbare! Super Strikers (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=324960008). Let's have our fourth Demo Day of year. Come show your game in development and get honest feedback from your peers. You can use Demo Day as your personal deadline to get focused on completing that feature or level you've been working hard on. Loading Bar will host the event. Since they host us for free they ask us to buy a drink each to help them stay open. Their game-themed cocktails are great. You should try Skyrum, it's really good :) If you are interested in showing your game or app, please answer Yes to the question when doing RSVP, or get in touch with me through Meetup messages. I'll contact you regarding schedule and your needs.

  • Bringing Your App to the Living Room: Android Development on Amazon Fire TV

    Mobile development is not just about mobile devices anymore: Android scaled up from mobile devices to the TV screen, and developers have now the occasion to start building for a brand new use case: the 10-foot experience. In this session, we cover what's needed to bring your Android app to the living room: we’ll dive into the Leanback Android support library and understand how to take advantage of the big TV screen while using new UI patterns for app navigation through the remote, and how to run your first TV app on Amazon Fire TV. This is a hands-on coding technical presentation on Android development by Mario Viviani from Amazon :) EDIT - How to get to Playhubs: Let me give you a few directions so you don't get lost (its very easy to get lost here). Playhubs is located on the lower ground floor in Somerset House. The best and easiest way to reach us is to come via the New Wing Entrance by Waterloo Bridge (Located on Lancaster Place, not the main Strand Entrance). Once you get inside ask the concierge/receptionist for Playhubs and we can come and get you!

  • Learn from the bests

    Loading Bar (Scenario)

    London Games Festival will run from 1 April to 10 April. Let's join the festival by hosting an event a bit different from usual :) As in any other art, game developers usually draw inspiration from other games. Come show us one game that have inspired you, play it in front of us, tell us why you love it and what you've learnt from it. You can also tell us how have you applied what you've learnt in your own games. It's a unique opportunity to see games under a new light and to learn a couple of things from each others' insights. We will use Loading Bar's projector and consoles. You can participate while enjoying one of the bar's game-themed cocktails :D If you are interested in showing a game, please reply Yes to the question when doing RSVP, or get in touch with me through Meetup messages.

  • Getting started with Vulkan

    Imperial College London, Huxley Building, Lecture Theatre 311

    Khronos, the group behind OpenGL, will host an event about their next-gen 3D API called Vulkan.It should be of interest to any developers working directly with 3D graphics and will include demos, a panel session, plus beer and pizza! Please, RSVP directly at their event page: Getting Started with Vulkan (http://www.meetup.com/khronos-uk-chapter/events/229489540/) -- Our next event about Vulkan - the new graphics & compute API from Khronos is now confirmed. Come along to the Getting started with Vulkan Khronos UK Chapter event on Wednesday 6th April at Imperial College London. Vulkan is a new generation graphics and compute API that provides high-efficiency, cross-platform access to modern GPUs used in a wide variety of devices from PCs and consoles to mobile phones and embedded platforms. Khronos launched the Vulkan 1.0 specification on February 16th, 2016 and Khronos members released Vulkan drivers and SDKs on the same day. More info: Khronos.org/Vulkan (https://www.khronos.org/vulkan/) AGENDA 5:30pm – Networking, demos(facilitated by beer and pizzas!) • Let us know if you have a demo you'd like to show! 6:30pm – Technical Presentations We start with an overview of what Vulkan is and why it's important, and then we dive into the details and show how to get started using it. Speakers confirmed so far include: • Chris Hebert, NVIDIA • Alon Or-bach, Samsung R&D Institute UK • Michael Worcester, Imagination Technologies • ...and more to come! 8pm – Panel Discussion The need for Vulkan, and how it fits alongside the OpenGL ES and OpenGL APIs as well as OpenCL. • Panelists include the speakers above together with Rob Simpson, Qualcomm and Andrew Garrard, Samsung R&D Institute UK. 9pm – Close & After-Event Drinks • Retire to a local tavern to continue the discussions Note: Space is limited - and pizzas might be too - so please be sure to RSVP to guarantee entry. If you're unable to make it, please update us so we can offer someone else attendance. Directions: Imperial College London Campus Map (https://workspace.imperial.ac.uk/campusinfo/public/sthkencampus.pdf)