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Hey there!

New to Munich? Or maybe you´ve been here for a while already and haven´t quite settled in yet? You´re looking for more than just the occasional movie meet-up?

Join us!

We´re a mix of internationals & locals that meet up frequently, doing different things in a somewhat semi-fix circle of - friends. Our goal is to create a group that does different things together - in changing formations but with seeing familiar faces every now and then. We want to create a comfortable & relaxed hub for everyone - all with the goal of settling down in Munich - finding friends and enjoying whatever we do when we do it.

We will concentrate our events on:

- Hiking / Biking Tours
- Movie Nights
- Board Game Nights
- Checking out Restaurants
- Book Club for easy German books (?)

But we´re flexible so that might evolve - depending on the group :)
Sound interesting? Don´t wait & join us!

Inactivity & No Shows
Most meetups will be done in a more flexible way, but some will be subject to a cancellation policy. This will be mentioned in each respective meetup individually.

If you sign up for a meetup that is subject to said policy, it will be your responsibility to update your attendance. Life is life and things happen so cancellations on short notice happen - but the least people can do is change the status and let others take their place & enjoy the event.

If you happen to not show up without any notice (at least one day prior to event), I will make a note. There will obviously be no public reprimand or any monetary consequence but after 5 "no shows" and no reasonable justifications, I would take the liberty of removing you from the group. Sounds harsh. I know - I hope you can understand that some types of events require a higher accountability.

To avoid an overly large group but with no real activity I will also delete accounts that have been inactive for 6 months or longer. The goal of this group is an actual active community.

Happy to have you joining!

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