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We are the Munich local group of Software Craft Community. We facilitate the exchange about Software Craft and all the related topics like Test Driven Development, Clean Code. It is a place for anyone who develops software with passion and wants to meet, share insights, exchange experiences and learn together.

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Coding Dojo Special : Let’s try TCR!

codecentric AG

Kent Beck published a blog post in September about “a new programming workflow”, test && commit || revert (https://medium.com/@kentbeck_7670/test-commit-revert-870bbd756864). People are talking about it, and there’s a lot of confusion regarding the practice, so: Let’s try it out for one evening! Bring your Laptops and favorite pairing setup (an IDE with a language of your choice including a running test framework for unit tests, a VCS (probably git)), and we’ll try some Kata TCR-style. There will be a short introduction before we start coding, for those who don’t have time to read up on the workflow. Timeline: 18:30 Arrival 19:00 Pizza 19:30 Introduction 20:00 Coding As always, food and drinks provided by the host.

After-Work Clean Code Coding Dojo

it-economics GmbH

Wir sind zurück, mit unserem ersten Coding Dojo bei it-economics in 2019! :) Jeder Softwareentwickler kennt es: Im Arbeitsalltag muss schnell und effizient Code geschrieben werden, um Deadlines einzuhalten oder Fehler zu beheben. Dadurch schleichen sich häufig unsaubere Vorgehensweisen ein. Um dem entgegenzuwirken wollen wir mit euch zusammen die Prinzipien sauberen Programmierens einüben: Pair Programming, Test Driven Development und Clean Code. Dazu stellen wir jedesmal eine andere Kata (= Problem), welche wir dann in kleinen Teams und größerer Runde (Mob) bearbeiten und anschließend unsere Lösungen vorstellen. Für Pizza, Bier und eine angenehme Atmosphäre vor Ort wird gesorgt. Alles was ihr mitbringen müsst, ist euren Laptop und eure Lieblings-Programmiersprache. Macht mit, wir freuen uns auf euch! Ablauf: • Zusammenfinden bei Pizza & Bier und Softdrinks • Kurze Einführung, v.a. in Clean Code und TDD (Test Driven Development) • Zusammenstellung der Gruppen (Mix der Erfahrungslevel) und gemeinsames Coden • Gemeinsames Durchgehen der Kata & Diskussion • Entspannter Austausch bei Bier & Softdrinks Bitbucket Repository: https://bitbucket.org/iteconomics/coding-dojos • Was sollst du mitbringen? Laptop, Spaß am Coden

Clean Code Session #32: The Observer Pattern

Austin Fraser GmbH

Uncle Bob's videos are the classics of the genre. They explain the craft, methods and reasons with absolute clarity. They are a great source of knowledge and motivation to become a cleaner coder. They are entertaining, perfect for the beginners but they also have enough ideas interesting for experienced programmers. The next sessions are dedicated to Design Patterns. We meet on the 11th of March to see episode 31 (https://cleancoders.com/episode/clean-code-episode-31/show). "In this episode we're going to dive deep into the Observer pattern... The first thing we'll do is derive the pattern from first principles... Then, we'll turn to the larger pattern that the Observer fits into: Model View Controller... Finally, we'll invoke the Humble Object pattern for testing GUIs, and we'll derive the Model View Presenter pattern from MVC." This time the meetup is hosted and sponsored by Austin Fraser GmbH (https://www.austinfraser.com/de/).

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Clean Code Session #31: State Machine Compiler : Generator

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

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