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We are the Munich local group of Software Craft Community. We facilitate the exchange about Software Craft and all the related topics like Test Driven Development, Clean Code. It is a place for anyone who develops software with passion and wants to meet, share insights, exchange experiences and learn together.

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Lean Poker Express, a joint session with Berlin, Cologne, Lübeck and Wien

Our goal as software developers is to sustainably deliver value for our organizations. Lean Poker is all about getting better at that. Conferences are a great opportunity to learn about the challenges other teams faced (challenges you might also be facing right now) and how those challenges can be solved. However, putting even the best of advice into practice is hard. Lean Poker is an exciting day-long coding challenge that will provide you with an opportunity to practice continuous delivery and related agile and lean principles, but this 3 hours long version designed to be run on a workday evening will give you a taste of the real thing. You and your team will compete with other teams in delivering the most value to your product. Along the way, the mentor facilitating the event will spend time with you and your team and give you advice personalized to your needs. During the event, you will work as teams of 2-5 people that form at the start of the evening, and you will improve on the existing player with the aim of beating other teams. Don't worry if you do not know how to play poker, we will make sure that every team has a poker expert on it, and the rules are simple enough to understand in a few minutes. (The reason we picked poker is that its rules are simple to understand, it can be played at various levels of expertise, and luck plays a small part in your success, just like in the world of business.) While Lean Poker supports several languages (Including Clojure, C#, Elixir, Go, Groovy, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, TypeScript) the express version is only available in JavaScript since we won't be starting off with an empty player, but you will already have some existing code to work with. What you may learn: - How to use a continuous deployment pipeline to your advantage - How to cut your feedback loop down to hours or even minutes by deploying early and often - How to release new versions safely using feature toggles, dark launches, and shadow features in practice - How to make pragmatic decisions about when and how to test your software - How to split responsibilities within a team for maximum effectiveness - How to sustainably react to a rapidly changing market and requirements - How to measure the success of your product and the effects of - changes you deployed Your facilitator Ivett Ördög is a lead developer and an experienced dev coach at a global marketing solutions provider. She combines her developer skills with a mindful and critical approach to people and is an active participant in meetups, conferences, and the Hungarian developer community in general. She has taught university courses and is an occasional blog author. She is also the creator of the Morning Commute YouTube channel The unique combination of coaching and coding is what makes her such a good fit for Lean Poker events - she is the perfect opposite of the coach who teaches from the book. She lives, practices, and teaches agile, lean, and continuous deployment - and she's more than happy to share her knowledge and comments with your team.

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Evening Mob Programming Session


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