Let's talk and code at the 33th session of softwerkskammer Munich

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Hi folks,

our next session at Codecentric is scheduled for the 20th of August . You have chosen a session about

Ultratestable coding style

Speakers : Justin Kaeser (https://www.softwerkskammer.org/members/Justin)
Unit and integration tests live in a constant area of conflict. Integrated tests usually involve I/O, which is costly to test and prone to errors in the tests themselves, while unit tests often fail to cover a lot of the logic of your software.

I'd like to explore the concept of "ultratestable coding style" (http://blog.jessitron.com/2015/06/ultratestable-coding-style.html) together with you. The idea is to split up the logic and i/o or other code as much as possible, to be able to test the bulk of it without resorting to expensive integration tests.

I'll give a short presentation of the basic idea, after which we can try our hands at a refactoring kata and finally discuss our approaches to the problem.


Jessica Kerr: Ultratestable Coding Style (http://blog.jessitron.com/2015/06/ultratestable-coding-style.html)

Don't forget to bring your notebooks.