Clean Code Session #3 Function Structure

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Uncle Bob's videos are the classics of the genre. They explain the craft, methods and reasons with absolute clarity. They are great source of knowledge and motivation to become a cleaner coder. They are entertaining, perfect for the beginners but they also have enough ideas interesting for experienced programmers. Usually watching them costs every person 14$ a video. Codecentric ( you to watch them for free.

We continue on the 21st of July with video Function Structure (Clean Code, Episode 4) ( We get an opportunity to watch it and to discuss what we learned and how good Uncle Bob recommendations match our experiences.

We are not allowed to show the video to more than 50 people because of the video license. Therefore we have to limit the attendee number to 50 persons. At the same time we know that usually only a half of the registered people appear. It means that given at the point you add yourself there are less than 50 people already on the waiting list, your chance to attend the event is pretty good. Actually there never have been more than 45 real attendees. So I want to encourage you to add yourself to the waiting list and to come even if still you remain on the waiting list at the event day. Your chances to attend seem to be good enough.