Clean Code Session #38: BDD, Elaborating the Requirements

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Uncle Bob's videos are the classics of the genre. They explain the craft, methods and reasons with absolute clarity. They are a great source of knowledge and motivation to become a cleaner coder. They are entertaining, perfect for the beginners but they also have enough ideas interesting for experienced programmers.

The next sessions are dedicated to BDD. We meet on the 27th of June to see episode 37 ( "This episode is full of interesting architectural insights and design decisions including things like separating UI from tests, and partitioning high level policy from low level policy.

You'll also see several design patterns and test patterns from previous episodes employed in the implementation.

Finally, once we've looked over all the tests and code, we'll discuss the collaboration that is required between business, QA, and development in order to create a suite of acceptance tests that is compatible with the architecture of the application."

This time the meetup is hosted and sponsored by Carl Zeiss Meditec AG (