Our last Clean Coder Session. Time to say good bye.

Bild des Veranstaltungsortes


Don't miss our last big party. Despite all our love and appreciation to Uncle Bob characters we have decided to choose another focus for the next year. The coming session is the last one where we still can see them and say them good bye. We are also going to meet earlier than usual and to start the video exactly at 19:00 because of its extra length.

So let us meet on the 28th of November to see episode 40 (https://cleancoders.com/video-details/clean-code-episode-40). "One-hundred and two minutes! Yikes! But, boy-oh-boy did I have a lot of fun making this one. I mean, I really got my geek on to make this episode.
After all, this episode is about Dijkstra, Edsger Wibe Dijkstra! One of the very first programmers in the world, and the father of Structured Programming... It explores what Dijkstra thought those proofs might be, and how those thoughts led him to Structured Programming and the elimination of the goto statement. We'll discuss how Dijkstra's ideas about program structure led, in the long run, to Test Driven Development. We'll also discuss how his ideas about proofs eventually failed, and the scientific concepts that replaced them. And get ready to see a lot of code—some of it old, some of it new, some of it borrowed, and some of it (well, yes, there is a sad story in here) blue. Also get ready for some math, some logic, and a fair bit of the history of our profession."

This time the meetup is hosted and sponsored by bbv Software Services, https://www.bbv.ch/de

In the next year sessions we are going to watch videos about a TDD comparative case study recorded by Uncle Bob together with Sandro Mancuso. We are also planing workshop sessions about TDD in real life.