European Blockchain Association: Inauguration of Working Group Finance WGFin

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Mainzer Landstr. 33a · Frankfurt am Main

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Sbahn: Take S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S8, S9 until Station Taunusanlage (ca. 450m). Auto parking available in the Holiday Inn Hotel - Selbstzahler Mainzer Landstraße 27 60329 Frankfurt am Main.

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The European Blockchain Association will launch its Working Group Finance WFFin at Commerzbank's mainincubator at the evening of the first day of FI-Forum

European Blockchain Association's deputy chairman and Datarella CEO Michael Reuter will introduce the purpose and principles of the association, and then dive into the specifics of membership for various kinds of organizations and individuals. As a Decentralized Semi-Autonomous Organization DSAO, the association is open to contributions for all sectors and actors as long as these activities are in line with its principles.

Additionally we're expecting contributions from a number of important players from the finance industry and blockchain startup scene.

18:30 - Doors open
18:45 - Opening Remarks (Michael Spitz, mainincubator)
19:00 - Introduction to European Blockchain Association (Michael Reuter)
19:30 - Inauguration of Working Group Fiinance WGFin (Michael Reuter)
19:45 - Blockchain in Financial Accounting (Stephan Romeike, TUM)
20:15 - RAAY - The New OS For Banking (Jonatan Bergquist, Datarella)
20:45 -Swarm Fund - Better Investing (Philipp Pieper, Swarm)
21:15 - Networking