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We are passionate about networking, creating and culinary. That’s why we created our social-entrepreneural hub my Fable in München Sendling-Westpark. Check in for a quick coffee & cake or join us for one of our theme days (e.g. Intercultural Café or Upcycling Café) or of course evening events! We are here to give creative minds and other Meetup groups a space. We give new recipes and tastes a chance - be it local or from far away. We offer designers a showroom or runway. And we are open for new ideas to make our lovely location a buzzling place for creative and openminded folks. Talk to us - we are always interested in new ideas!

Overview of the events here at my Fable:

• Tastings (Beer, Wine, Food - you name it)

• Music (cozy concerts by talented singer & songwriters or bands here at our little café/shop)

• Upcycling Café (every Friday from 2-5pm we use stuff you already have at home - or in your waste bin - and create something new!)

• Food 'n' Good (a new format all about Food and Nutrition taking place every Wednesday)

• Inter-Kultur-Café (interactive seminars/workshops targeting the topic of intercultural communication)

• Performances & Theme Evenings (e.g. an Italian or Spanish Evening)

• and so much more - we're open to any type of event!

For more info head over to our website ( check out our Social Media channels! (Facebook (, Instagram (, Snapchat (

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