NewSpaceVision #10 - H-Aero - See and touch a balloon drone that may fly on Mars

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Dear NewSpaceVisionaries!

*Important details for (free) ticketing below!*

Our next event will happen in the framework of the dronemasters convention 2017 ( which is one of the biggest drone events on planet. Our NewSpaceVision spot starts at 10 am. We will have a presentation from Hybrid Airplane, a drone company which has a very interesting balloon drone concept and was already invited by NASA to demonstrate their technology for a possible use on Mars and other planets. They will show their UAV H-Aero ( in action to demonstrate the advantages for exploration of our and other planets.

Our NSV area is open the entire day so our following networking session will be going to take place like you know it from all our events. If you cannot wait for NewSpace information check out our first podcast with Interstellar Ventures on Soundcloud ( to discuss it with us at the event.

You can find all information on the dronemaster convention on (

We have organized a limited free ticket contingent for 50 NSV attendees. They are valid for the entire event. You can visit the following drone marathon and the ceremony with Brigitte Zypries. So, make sure to safe your free ticket by clicking here. ( The free tickets will be available starting on August, 4th. If you want to support NewSpaceVision you can buy us a coffee (;)