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This meetup is all about photography. We will help each others making better photos by sharing our knowledge and experiences. We will always host talks from creative and professional photographers who will share their best practices with us! 

******WHO SHOULD JOIN?*******

-You like photography and you want to meet other photography enthusiasts

-You are > 18 years old
-You have a SLR, DSLR, Mirrorless camera or a small point-and-shoot digital camera
-You want to improve your photography skills and learn more
-This meetup is always FREE-OF-CHARGE (Kostenlos)
-This meetup discussion will be in ENGLISH and Deutsch (you do not have to be fluent in English nor Deutsch to take better photos!)
-Every time we will choose a new topic and place in Nürnberg to go to and make a lot of photos
-We will have discussion meetings to discuss the photos that we have taken and how to improve them next time

-From time to time, we will host some photography experts to talk about their experience and to learn from them

-Every few meetups, we will arrange a small trip to a new photography location in a neighboring city in Bayern or outside Bayern.
-Please bring your camera with you every meetup

See you soon!