Hardware Hacking with FirefoxOS, Tessel 2 & Rust

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Wichtige Information: Dieser Workshop wird auf Englisch gehalten. Jedoch ist immer ein OpenTechSchool-Mitglied in der Nähe, um bei eventuellen Problemen zu helfen.


Firefox OS and Internet of Things - how does that work? If you're curious, this is the right workshop for you!

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the different hardware / IoT platforms (like phone-hardware-based Firefox OS, mozopenhard (Firefox OS based dev. board), Raspberry Pi (running Firefox OS), and the Tessel (both the Tessel and the new, linux-based Tessel 2). Then you get to learn some of the possibilities these systems are capable of and get a demo of the sensors and use cases (network connection, camera, mobile network and mobile data access, gpio, external modules (for the Raspberry Pi and Tessels) etc.).

After that we will have some brainstorming session on what would one want to build/code that day, and then distribute the hardware devices (Firefox OS phones, maybe Tessels and Raspberry Pis) to the participants for hacking. From then on we will be helping the participants getting started with their projects and helping them out with their ideas. After we are finished we will have a "show-and-tell" session, for participants to showcase what could they accomplish that day.


• You need to bring a laptop. Windows is OK, but Linux / Mac is preferred

• Basic knowledge of coding. Participants should have some basic programming knowledge, ideally some knowledge of JavaScript and web programming. Also, some affinity to hardware hacking is a nice-to-have.)

• If you are interested in Rust (or have been coding Rust, even better!) you will get a chance to strech your Rust-muscles on the world's first IoT board that supports Rust natively - the Tessel 2.

Lead Coaches: Dan Callahan (https://twitter.com/callahad), István Szmozsánszky (https://twitter.com/slsoftworks)


You are invited to bring some food and drinks.

To reduce the number of attendees not showing up without notice, we have set a nominal charge of 5€ per attendee. You can get it back at the end of the workshop. This is just a mechanism to be sure that the available slots will be used.

After you set yourself on the waiting list for this event, please buy a ticket (= nominal charge) on https://ti.to/otsconf/2015/with/vl4s9xeh65e and we will move you from the waiting list to the list of attendees.

We're looking forward to seeing you!