"Persuade & Influence" by Sabrina Mach

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In our professional life we often experience these situations...
Differing opinions. Value that is not understood by others. Teams with a too narrow focus on one solution.

How do we change someone's mind in these situations? How do we motivate our colleagues to support new initiatives and adopt new ideas? How do we get teams unstuck from an idea, and enable them to see a bigger or different picture?

Our next speaker, Sabrina Mach, will share her insights and experience into these questions.

7:00 pm Doors open
7:30 pm Welcome and Talk on "Persuade & Influence"
8:15 pm Drinks and chats: exchange your experience with others
9:00 pm End. See you next time.

Sabrina has over 10 years experience in leading projects and teams that help companies create outstanding products and services.

After running her own technology and consulting startup in the field of UX Research for 8 years, Sabrina joined a FinTech Startup where she lead the UX effort: defining the UX strategy, executing it, and advocating UX throughout the whole organisation. Sabrina is now a Lead Experience Designer at ThoughtWorks, where she runs product discovery and delivery projects for clients.

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