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Permaculture grants tools that can be used for growing plants indoors,
gardens, green houses, Food Forests, and much more in a sustainable fashion.

In this meetup you will learn:

1. Practical tools for creating food gardens at home.

2. Design planning, planting and maintenance that are suitable
for any type of climate, land, culture and lifestyle.

3. Learning how to create sustainable community gardens.

4. Creative recycling solutions

More about Permaculture:

Permaculture is an ecological environmental Design method that developed by David Holmgren and Bill Moulison in the early 1970's. The name consists the words: permanent/sustainable and culture/agriculture. it is a practical method that has ethics and guiding principles also a dynamic growth. It aspires to a partnership between man and the living environment and this planet (even within himself). It's main key is an observation on the wise and old nature, by that learning how to work with nature in harmony.

Permacultute grants tools that can be used in different Kinds of Sectors such as growing plants indoor, small garden, green house, Food Forests, and so on.
Join me to a permaculture vision for Sustainability, welfare and living green.
Everyone has his uniqueness to bring along.

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