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For six years I struggled with an 'incurable illness' that had debilitated my life. I did not want to take the tablets that the doctors were trying to give me to suppress the problem. I wanted to know the cause, and this created a relentless search for true health and happiness.

I obsessively read many books on the power of self healing.

I saw a noticeable change within myself through implementing much of what I had learned, but I was still not fully recovered or happy within myself. I decided to quit my lucrative career in sales, sell all of my belongings and travel the world. For three years I deepened my understanding of myself and life. I became qualified in several different alternative healing modalities including: Theta Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Matrix Re-Imprinting. I also studied hypnotherapy, psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I spent months in meditation retreats, worked with a shaman in the middle of the amazon drinking plant medicine and was able to use all that I had learned to heal my chronic fatigue health issues. This momentum that was created drove me deeper and deeper into my own conditioning. This process / experience enabled me to wake up to clearly see the illusionary self that I had been identified with. I was then able to let go of that self layer by layer to uncover ME.

Through my own pain I was able to find my passion and purpose.

My life is now dedicated to helping other people who are searching for more happiness and well being. Working with close to 1000 individuals has given me the knowledge of why we are not living a life aligned with who we truly are.

Through the realization of who we are NOT we are naturally taken back to who we ARE. You are NOT your limitations, you are NOT your insecurities and you are most certainly NOT your FEARS.

I now host regular workshop experiences to help guide people back to their true limitless selves.

I look forward to being part of your evolution and expansion.

Much love


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