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PHPUG Münster Meetup 03/2019 - Golang for PHP devs

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An jedem 3. Dienstag des Monats bis zum 20. Mai 2019

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⏱ Agenda
18:30 - Doors Open, get a drink and socialize
19:00 - Welcome and Intro by the Orga-Team
19:15 - Main-Talk: "Golang for PHP devs"
20:15 - Open End: Community & Socializing

🏢 Venue Sponsor
CHECK24 Münster
Albersloher Weg 10
4. OG

🗣️ Talk: Golang for PHP devs
Speaker - Niklas Dzösch (

The target audience for this talk are php devs not yet familiar with the language go.
The goal of this talk is to show the audience that go is an awesome tool for php devs.

First, I'll show in what situations the language is useful for php developers and how you can benefit from using it.
The core principles of the language are explained, focusing on the concepts that differ from php.

Secondly, I'll do some live coding to actually show the principles and language features explained before.

Lastly everything is wrapped up to show the main takeaways for this talk.