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Japanese cooking class - every Thursday at Studio Gosha!
Japanese Art of Home Cooking Lively events based around teaching and tasting Japanese food. We will learn about simple ways of home-style macrobiotic cooking, balanced diet of natural seasonal ingredients, traditional fermented foods, and healthy sweets. We will also talk about health issues, Japanese traditional kitchen utensils, food presentation, and beautiful handbuilt ceramic dishes. If you are interested in my classes of Japanese Art of Home Cooking there are few possibilities to choose from: 1. Thursday’s Meetup classes. Regular cooking course for 55€ per person from 18:00 till 20:30. We enjoy tasting what we have just cooked. __________________ 2. Course for 75€ per person, if you want to learn cooking, stay longer, enjoy the meal, bring your own wine and music if you like. This course is lovely for celebrations or just meeting with friends. 3. Another possibility is dinner for 95€ per person. You book me as your chef and enjoy the evening at Studiogosha with your friends. I cook for you Japanese macrobiotic meal with nice variety of dishes + dessert. Feel free to bring your own wine and music. Of course, green tea is always ready for you to enjoy! Classes held at Gosha´s Kitchen are maximum for 9 students or 12 guests. Please feel free to make special workshop requests! Gift vouchers are available for all classes. Nice to meet you, Gosha [masked] http://studiogosha.com/japanese-cooking-class/#

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