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Flow-Working Training: The Art of Effortless, High Focus Workdays
** Note most participants are signed up from outside of Meetup ** Are you as effective and focused as you would like to be? The ability to focus and be effective has never been harder. We are all pulled by incessant demands, unimportant tasks, and disturbances of our time and energy. Distractions, perfectionism, and information overload amount to 145 work days lost each year. Flowstates are super-power: our brain’s creativity increases by 2x, our productivity by 5x, while feeling calm and relaxed (McKinsey research). Even if you already are a high achiever. Flowstates are not only about high-performance but are also our optimal state of wellbeing and happiness. In this training you will learn and apply a unique, proven method to enter Flowstates - based on neuroscience. You will also use tools to manage your mind for everyday wellbeing & effectiveness, develop a deeper sense of purpose, prioritize, manage hidden emotions, deal with uninteresting work, procrastination, overload, and more. You will not have to lose a day of work. The day includes 2 hours to get your own work done - almost equivalent to 8hrs of productivity at the office - to apply the techniques. You will save countless workdays in the future. You will also enjoy stretching, meditation and light fitness, to stay energized all day, and after! You will meet & network with likeminded. For professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, researchers, freelancers, writers and creatives. Individuals and teams. Already 130+ events so far & a growing community. Limited Early bird seats. http://buytickets.at/productivityday/209018/r/meetup1 Dr. Antoine Larchez has led more than 130 Productivity Days and retreats, where brain-workers get focused work done and learn neuroscience-based tools for deeper focus, happiness and energy - at work and in private life. He founded Productivity Days after working in multinational consulting companies, research, startups and venture capital - in Europe, USA and Australia.

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Schönholzerstr 15a · Berlin

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We are a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, researchers, writers, creatives who get our own work done based on the Flow-Productivity method. No distractions, an energizing day, while training our minds to enter the magical state of Flow, our optimal state of happiness, creativity and productivity.

We do this in order to create more free time, make deeper progress on what is meaningful to us and make things happen in our lives.

Is this for you? Do you...

• want to make faster progress on what really matters to you?

• want to improve your effectiveness skills and train your brain for Flow?

• Want a healthier, more energizing way to get things done?

• Do you procrastinate? feel overwhelmed with too much to do? have overdue tasks?

Flow-Productivity is a unique way to GET THINGS DONE based on the neuroscience of DEEP-FOCUS that can save hours or even days of work.


100+ boostcamps already and growing. Check all the reviews (https://www.meetup.com/productivityday/about/comments/?op=all) here.

“Wow! is what I felt at the end of the day… I have never been so focused and productive.”

“Amazing how this really works! I get far more work done when I am at the Boostcamps than on ordinary workdays. I have been catching up with my once unstoppable to-do list and I find myself being more focused and less likely to put off tasks”

“If you have work to get done, you must absolutely experience this. Especially if you are busy!”

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