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Members Talk Evening [in person and streamed]

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Members Talk Evening [in person and streamed]


This is the revised date for the May Meetup which was postponed :)

Hi PyLadies Berlin! In this members' talks evening held in-person and online, we will have an introduction from our sponsor Deutsche Bahn and 2 very insightful talks for you 🥳

💡 Klea Sanka (she/her) - The World of Salary: Introducing Salary Prediction Models at StepStone
This presentation explores the salary landscape in the German job market, focusing on the challenges of data collection and approaches used to analyse it.

We will discuss the importance of getting just the right features and how to balance the amount of data used. We will also examine the pipeline from experimentation to production models and the importance of keeping track of metrics and how we can automatise the process.

Lastly, we will delve into the challenges of gender bias, data representation, and monotonicity, looking at how these factors impact our predictions, as well as prospects for future work.

👩‍💻 Klea is a young tech and data enthusiast, who's spent some time on honing my Python skills on cloud platforms. Her formal education is in Computer and Software engineering, but a fated master thesis made her switch tracks and jump on to the Data Science wagon. She's working as a Data Scientist at StepStone GmbH since 2019.

Maren (she/her) - How to increase diversity in open source communities
Today state of the art technology and scientific research strongly depend on open source libraries. The demographic of the contributors to these libraries is predominantly white and male.

This situation creates problems not only for individual contributors outside of this demographic but also for open source projects such as loss of career opportunities and less robust technologies, respectively.

In recent years there have been a number of various recommendations and initiatives to increase the participation in open source projects of groups who are underrepresented in this domain.

While these efforts are valuable and much needed, contributor diversity remains a challenge in open source communities. This talk highlights the underlying problems and explores how we can overcome them.

👩‍💻 Dr Maren Westermann works as a machine learning engineer and holds a PhD in environmental science. She is a self taught Pythonista, an active open source contributor, especially to the library scikit-learn, and is a co-organiser of PyLadies Berlin .
🚂 DB Systel is Deutsche Bahn’s digital partner. The future of the railway will be determined by digitalisation. Paving the way for this process is what drives us. We combine our in-depth IT expertise with specialist railway expertise and do everything in our power to turn challenges into opportunities and implement solutions. Sustainability in line with digitalisation is becoming increasingly important. We make our partners in the Group successful in their digital transformation.


📆 Agenda
19h00 Community Announcements
19h15 Introduction from our host Deutsche Bahn
19h30 Maren - How to increase diversity in open source communities
20h15 Klea - The World of Salary: Introducing Salary Prediction Models at StepStone
21:00 Networking
21h45 See You Next Time! :D


❓ Can men attend ❓
Everyone is welcome. :)
If you identify as someone well-represented in open source and in tech, please be mindful of the space and privileges you have, and use it to support others.

🎥 This hybrid event will be streamed on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@PyLadiesBerlin

🍕 There will be food and drinks (with vegetarian and vegan options thanks to our sponsor)

🤝 By attending our online event, you agree to the PyLadies Code of Conduct: https://www.pyladies.com/CodeOfConduct/

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