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Welcome to the Rhein Neckar Hiking & Outdoor Adventure group!

Hiking – Canoeing – Kletterwald

Camping – Cycling – Scating

Climbing - Wakeboarding

Odenwald – Pfälzer Wald – Schwarzwald - Vosges and more ...

I haven't changed the presentation and description of the hiking group for some years now while for me everything has changed.

Here is the update:

Never would I have imagined the passion and joy I would encounter organizing and leading events here.

4 years ago I was offered to be an organizer in this group and declined. Fortunately my no was not taken for an answer and suddenly I received a link to a perfectly designed event add with my name on it. Organizer: Oliver

The "send invitation and announce" button was hypnotizing. I couldn't resist and the invitation went out to the then 2.600 members. 30 came and here I am. Hooked. One year later I took over the group and it has grown to almost 4.000 members.

My life has always been about doing things differently. I love it.

I believe in doing things differently.

An education system where natural curiosity and creativity of our children is maintained.

A medical system that gives attention to causes and not symptoms.

An agricultural system that produces healthy food.

A world where everybody knows the WHY that fuels his passion.

I believe in beauty, art and inner fire. I believe that we could do things better in all walks of life and inspire others to do so as well.

I believe that Outdoor Events can be an inspiring piece of art and an opportunity to always do things better than the last time.

What do you believe?

I love to marvelously embellish events with beautiful highlights. Gorges, waterfalls, rivers, creeks, lakes, incredible cathedrals in tiny villages, castles, rock formations, bridges, small jungle-like rivers with boat tours, and much more ...

I only do those.

I only do events in which I would love to participate.

Share my passion!

I also believe in building lasting connections and a supportive environment for everyone to be himself / herself.

I hope you will enjoy the activities and share my inner fire.

Please include a real photo of yourself when you join the group!

Please feel free to also join the Rhein Neckar Hiking & Outdoor Adventure Group on Facebook!


Watch out for my youtube channel:

DreamWeaver's Journey (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCOCPUJEKBtwnos5KZg1Tmw)



Until I fine tune this is my WHY for the moment:

My WHY is to communicate inspiredly and inspiringly in and with help of nature in a multicultural environment with honesty, openness, trust and courage so that we can open up, discover and be at our natural best and, together, change our world for the better.

What is your WHY?

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Dieser Inhalt ist nur für Mitglieder verfügbar