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34th Meeting: "Call Me By Your Name" by André Aciman

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    Hello fellow book aficionados!

    Welcome to the Ruhrgebiet English Book Club (REBoC), the first Ruhrgebiet-based book club! Lovers of fiction and non-fiction alike are welcome to join us!

    Guidelines for the group:

    1. Language and book genres: While it is not required that English be your first language, be advised that we will be reading only books written in English. The attenders of each monthly meeting would suggest and decide on the book to be read in the meeting to follow.

    2. Book club format: We follow the traditional book club format. This means that every member of the group will read the same book (sometimes the same books!) in the time between meetings and then we will share our opinions/have a discussion about that book at the next meeting. Books are voted on at the end of every meeting by attending members. Members who did not attend do not get a say in what the next book should be. Suggestions for our next book can be made either in the discussion board, or at the meeting itself, though it's preferred that suggestions are made in the discussion board so as to give each member more time to contemplate the options.

    3. Reading the chosen book of the month is not a prerequisite for attending the meetings. Even if you do not know the name of the book of the month, you are welcome to join us. However, if you simply did not like the book of the month and this is why you did not read it/finish reading it, then it would be nice if you explained your opinion to the other group members.

    4. Time and place: We meet roughly on a monthly basis. The meetings would be held on weekends. To date, we've been meeting mostly on Sundays as this seems to be a day most people most often have free. We are based in Bochum and our current regular meeting place is Orlando Gastropub, near the Schauspielhaus station in Bochum. While we are open to changes in time and location, we try not to change the time/place for our meetings too often in order to avoid having members constantly look for the latest meeting point/figure out the logistics of getting there/parking/etc etc.

    5. Removal from group: Members who have not actively participated in the group for TWO months or longer (which entails attending a MeetUp, RSVPing, or at the very least visiting the MeetUp page to get updated about activities) will be removed from the group. We like to have a active and dedicated members.

    We are open to any suggestions or feedback. The group guidelines are expected to change based on the preferences of the members.

    - REBoC-Team
    (Description was last updated: 20.07.2016)

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