Seattle Apache Flink Meetup: Flink SQL by dataArtisans and Pravega by Dell EMC

Seattle Flink Meetup
Seattle Flink Meetup
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Dell EMC

505 1st Avenue South · Seattle , wa

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2nd Floor, Elliott Bay Conference Center

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Welcome to the Apache Flink community! We are thrilled to have two incredible speakers:
- Fabian Hueske, PMC of Apache Flink and co-founder of data Artisans
- Flavio Junqueira, PMC of Apache ZooKeeper and now project lead for Pravega at Dell EMC

Please share this with anyone who may be interested in Flink and stream processing, and we can't wait to see you and fellow squirrels in March!

DATE: March 5th, 2018, Monday (due to Fabian and Flavio's travel schedule, we have to make it a Monday)

LOCATION: EMC Isilon, 505 1st Avenue South, Seattle (Once you enter the building, head to the Elliott Bay Conference Center on the 2nd Floor)

- 5:30pm - 6pm Food and networking
- 6pm Presentations and Q&A

TALK #1 (~45min)

Speaker: Fabian Hueske, co-founder and software engineer at data Artisans

Title: Why, when, and how to leverage the power and simplicity of SQL on Flink

SQL is the lingua franca of data processing and everybody working with data knows SQL. Apache Flink supports SQL for querying and processing batch and streaming data. Flink’s SQL powers large-scale production systems at Alibaba, Huawei, and Uber. Based on Flink SQL, these companies have built massive systems for internal users as well as publicly offered services for paying customers. In my talk, I will discuss why you should and how you can (not being Alibaba or Uber) leverage the simplicity and power of SQL on Flink.

- I'll start with use cases that Flink SQL was designed for and present real-world problems that it can solve.
- I'll explain why unified batch and stream processing is important and what it means to run SQL queries on streams of data.
- I will show how to leverage its full potential after discussing the why and when
- Recently, the Flink community has been working on an exciting new service that integrates a query interface, (external) table catalogs, and result serving functionality for static, appending, and updating result sets. I will discuss the design and planned features of this query service and how it will enable exploratory batch and streaming queries, ETL pipelines, and live updating query results that serve applications, such as real-time dashboards.

TALK #2 (~45min)

Speaker: Flavio Junqueira, Director and Pravega project lead at Dell EMC

Title: Rethinking storage for streams

Pravega is a storage system designed and built from ground up to store unbounded amounts of stream data permanently and is novel in a number of ways. Stream is a first-class abstraction in Pravega and the API it exposes is inspired by existing messaging systems, which results in a familiar experience to developers. Pravega provides strong append semantics via transactional writes and by avoiding duplicates upon reconnection. As the workload of applications varies, Pravega streams accommodate workload changes by scaling streams up and down. Stream processors read from and store data in Pravega through connectors. The development of connectors is in progress, e.g., for Apache Flink and Apache Hadoop, and we expect many more to be implemented over time.


Food and drinks will be provided. The location is in Seattle downtown and parking is limited. Please consider carpool or public transportation. Street parking and (paid) underground parking is also available.

If you are interested in giving talks and sponsoring our next event, please ping Bowen and Haitao