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The Singapore Entrepreneurs Network (SEN) aims to connect local entrepreneurs through our series of networking sessions. The Singapore Entrepreneurs Network is a monthly entrepreneur community event by Project:Senso Ltd @ http://www.projectsenso.com an entrepreneur community based in Singapore and Malaysia.

SEN is a platform for fellow entrepreneurs and investors to gather, to share ideas and be in good company without worrying about being sold-to. PLEASE TAKE NOTE SEN is NOT a platform for Multi-Level-Marketeers or companies/individuals wishing to give talks or to sell to SEN members either during the event, via notices or private unsolicited messages via meetup.com; all such violations will be emailed to abuse@meetup.com for their actions. If you are joining SEN with that intention, I do kindly ask that you bring that intention elsewhere; There are various other Singapore meetup groups that will welcome you and your intentions, but not SEN.

RULE #1 The SEN meetup welcomes any aspiring (meaning still employed, unemployed or studying) OR existing entrepreneurs that are not in the business of Multi-Level Marketing and any other name of which it goes by.

RULE #2 There is NO CHARGE from the Singapore Entrepreneurs Network for you to attend the event HOWEVER I do ask that you i.) do not bring in your own food and drinks to the cafe venue and ii.) buy at least a drink from the cafe; with no cost in attending, the least that you can do is to give some business to the cafe that has kindly given us space to gather.

UPDATE: As of 7th March 2016, we are now 11,000 entrepreneurs strong!

UPDATE: As at 6pm, 21st November 2014, the Singapore Entrepreneurs Network has grown to 10,000 entrepreneurs!

UPDATE: As of 29th October 2014, we are now 6,000 entrepreneurs strong!

UPDATE: As at 1st May 2014, we are now 5,000 entrepreneurs strong!

UPDATE: As at 10.39pm, 2nd October 2013, we are now 4,000 entrepreneurs strong!

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Myanmar Entrepreneurs Network Monthly Meetup

Signature Restaurant

This is the Myanmar Entrepreneurs Network, a partnering meetup of the Singapore Entrepreneurs Network. The Myanmar Entrepreneurs Network will run on the first Monday of every month. DO NOTE THAT ANY CHANGES OR CANCELLATION WILL BE REFLECTED ON THE MYANMAR ENTREPRENEURS NETWORK GROUP AND NOT ON THIS POST. For more details and to RSVP, please go to http://www.meetup.com/myanmar-entrepreneurs-network/

Singapore Entrepreneurs Network Monthly Meetup

Mr Punch Public House

15,00 $

Good day everyone! Same relaxed crowd, same great food, NEW location as at May 2016! Mr Punch Rooftop Bar is a vintage-inspired gastropub located along Seah Street. Do feel free to bring your friends along for a night of good conversation and good food and I do look forward to seeing you all there! For your benefit, here are some Frequently Asked Questions: Q. Is there any fees for attending the event? A. There will be S$15.00 paid per person directly to the venue (Mr Punch Public House). There is a 1 drink entitlement in exchange. Q. How do I get to the location? A. Please read all the instructions below. Driving, walking and public transport instructions are as below. Q. How do I know who in the Rooftop Bar are coming for SEN? Can call I call your handphone to ask you that? A. Just ask anyone you see at the entrance of Mr Punch Rooftop Bar "are you here for the SEN meetup?", the odds are that they are. I am not always at the bar on time due to work commitments and I have had enough bad experience of phone harassment in the past. Q. What is the agenda of this monthly Singapore Entrepreneur gathering? A. There is no agenda. It is a free-and-easy meet-and-greet session. For more structured events, please refer to the other events listed in Singapore Entrepreneurs Network. Q. Why am I FORCED to buy a drink and/or food? A. You are not forced to buy a drink just as much as you are not forced to turn up for any Singapore Entrepreneurs Network event. If you don't like this rule, please do not turn up and throw a tantrum. The organizers does not earn any commission whatsoever for any purchases made by attendees. Q. Why Mr Punch Rooftop Bar? Are you under their payroll? A. The decision to select Mr Punch Public House at Bras Basah was based on the fact that it is in-between 2 SMRT stations and multiple parking locations conveniently located in the city. That and the fact that the management welcomes our presence. The organizers are not on their payroll. Q. I am not an entrepreneur/I am a student/I am thinking of becoming an entrepreneur/I am a government worker/I am a corporate worker/etc. Am I still allowed/able to come for the event? A. Sure! Q. I have this marvelous new method of making money the easy and fast way via Multi-Level Marketing/Personal Franchising/insert-other-similar-names... A. PLEASE DO NOT TURN UP AND HARASS OUR ATTENDEES. And NO, I do not intend to answer your questions "why/what is wrong/why are you so closed minded/why are you etc etc". Q. I have this great idea! But why don't you do it for me? A. Singapore Entrepreneurs Network is a volunteer driven initiative. I am under no obligation to do anything for you, and neither are my fellow co-organizers. That said, we welcome whoever wishes to organize an event series as long as you have commitment in running the events. DIRECTIONS TO MR PUNCH ROOFTOP BAR Map of Mr Punch Rooftop Bar -http://gothere.sg/maps#q:26%20seah%20street For those driving, parking is abundant at Bras Basah Complex and you can cross the road via the traffic light towards Raffles Hotel. Mr Punch Public House is located 20 meters in front of the traffic light, directly opposite Raffles Hotel. For those taking MRT, you will alight at either Bugis or City Hall MRT. Walking instructions from Bugis MRT Exit the MRT and walk in the direction of Hotel Intercontinental. Upon seeing the National Library, cross the road while keeping alongside the library and continue walking forward until you see Bras Basah Complex and cross the road at the traffic light. Continue walking down "Seah Street". Mr Punch Public House will be on your left. Walking instructions from City Hall MRT Exit the MRT and walk in the direction of Raffles Hotel. Upon seeing the hotel, cross the road while keeping alongside Raffles Hotel and continue walking forward until you see Mr Punch Public House across the road from Raffles Hotel.

Malaysia Entrepreneurs Network (Kuala Lumpur) Monthly Meetup

This is Kuala Lumpur Chapter of the Malaysia Entrepreneurs Network, a partnering meetup of the Singapore Entrepreneurs Network. The Malaysia Entrepreneurs Network will run on the second Wednesday of every month. DO NOTE THAT ANY CHANGES OR CANCELLATION WILL BE REFLECTED ON THE MALAYSIA ENTREPRENEURS NETWORK GROUP AND NOT ON THIS POST. For more details and to RSVP, please go to http://www.meetup.com/Malaysia-Entrepreneurs-Network/

SAFRA Entrepreneurs Club Networking with Entrepreneurs

News and Gossip Cafe

Fees: $10 (entitles you to either 1 alcoholic drink/ 2 non-alcoholic drinks. Payable to the venue directly) In collaboration with Singapore Entrepreneurs Network (SEN), enjoy this free-and-easy networking session centring around "Homegrown Business" where you can share your business ideas and learn tried-and-proven strategies from fellow business owners over drinks! Registration is free and participants are required to pay $10 nett at the door to gain entry to the event. You will entitled to a choice of draft beer/ housewine or 2 soft drinks/ juices. Exclusively for SAFRA Entrepreneurs’ Club members: you will get to enjoy 10% off regular priced items during the event! To register, please log on to https://mysafra.safra.sg by 10 Jul (Wed). Limited seats are available and priority will be given to those who pre-registered where there’s overwhelming response. For online registration, please select “SAFRA HQ” under “Clubhouse”. For more information, please email us at [masked] or call[masked] during office hours*.

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Chill Out at Joji Bar!

Joji Bar

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