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StuttgartJS - Reactive Programming (RxJS) & Bullgit - Welcome to Awesomess

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Brandwatch office

Gutenbergstraße 77a · Stuttgart

Wie du uns findest (red door, top floor)

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Hi Javascript developers, friends and enthusiasts,

after the strong attendance of 44 people in January, we are welcoming on this very special Tuesday evening two excellent speakers.

Reactive Programing in JavaScript (RxJS) by Marko Beelmann ( (talk in German)

Have you heard of Reactive Programming and Streams, yet have no clue why you would use them in JavaScript? Have you looked at the various RxJS packages and been overwhelmed? Marko will explain how RxJS can be helpful for writing better and simpler asynchronous code and avoiding “the callback hell”.

Bullgit - Welcome to Awesomeness! by Tim Pietrusky ( & Kevin Gimbel ( (talk in English)

Why so SERIOUS? Isn't developer life serious enough already? Don't you want to use frameworks like SCREAM.CSS, fuckIE.js or lowercase-framework.css to have more fun? Well, this is your chance, because the Masters of Internet Bullshit™ are here to rescue you.

Looking forward to see you all!


Pizza and drinks are sponsored by ! We offer high quality AngularJS and TypeScript Trainings all around Germany, and in your company too!

Venue kindly provided by Brandwatch, who is currently looking for 42 smart people all around the world ( (also Javascript developers ( in Stuttgart).