Unicorns In Tech


★ Welcome to our 28th Unicorns In Tech Get-Together ★
This time UNICORNS IN TECH meets Stylight! #unicornsintech

Location: Munich, Germany

Dresscode: Come as you are!

■ Schedule ■
19:00: Arrival of all attendees, mingling & connecting unicorns, food & drinks for free
19:30: Welcoming by UNICORNS IN TECH Ambassadors André & Silvia and Stylight
19:40: Tech news/trends
19:45: First Tech-Talk
20:00: Break
20:10: Second Tech-Talk
20:30: Startup-Pitch (https://goo.gl/KWX2Md)
20:40: Speed-Networking (Getting to know the other unicorns)
21:00: Socialising and mingling with snacks & drinks
22:00: The End + After-event party

Take the stage! We are looking for new speakers at our Get-Togethers. Send us an email if you want to speak: [masked]

■ Tickets ■
All our Get-Togethers are free of charge for UNICORNS IN TECH members but will cost €20 for non-members. Become a UNICORNS IN TECH member here: http://goo.gl/E6sD8s

■ Am-badass-adors in Munich ■
This event is possible thanks to our am-badass-adors, two great unicorns: Silvia Bormüller and André Eckert. They will also moderate the evening and organise future Get-Togethers. Do you want UNICORNS IN TECH to be conducted in your city? Apply to become our ambassador: http://unicornsintech.com/member-registration/become-ambassador

■ Be fair to your Community ■
Since our Get-Togethers are booked out almost every time and our waiting list keeps growing, we decided to change our door policy. If you register for a free ticket but then do not show up at the event without cancelling the Eventbrite ticket, you end up on our Members-Pay-List. This means you have to pay 10 Euros if you want to attend the following Get-Together. Of course, after you paid the 10 Euro fee, you will be taken off the list and may attend the upcoming events again for free.

You can cancel your ticket only until one day before the event. Will you cancel your ticket as early as possible? Thank you! Others on the waiting list will have enough time to book their tickets.

■ About Stylight ■
We are a creative bunch of fashion freaks and tech geeks providing the best platform to discover lifestyle trends online. Join us:

UNICORNS IN TECH is the global tech community for LGBTI and straight allies. It is the ideal place for everyone who feels at home in the tech world, whether they are an industry professional or a more casual enthusiast. On a monthly basis, we organize get-together events for our community and annual #UNIT | The Global Queer Tech & Science Conference: https://www.facebook.com/events/1593504910976633/.
These events are hosted by proud companies. Since we founded UNICORNS IN TECH in October 2014 we’ve built a community of over 2000+ UNICORN IN TECH members (as of January 2017).

■ More Links ■
➟ Homepage: www.unicornsintech.com
➟ Homepage: www.unit-festival.com
➟ Facebook: http://facebook.de/unicornsintech
➟ Twitter: http://twitter.com/unicornsintech
➟ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/unicornsintech

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