Survival German for Absolute Beginners at Café "Kauf dich glücklich"

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Are you finding:

• You have issues in daily situations communicating with locals in Berlin?
• Your travel phrasebook or app isn't helping you say the German phrases properly and be understood?
• Your traditional German language classes are often boring?

Do you want to:

• Become competent in daily interactions in Berlin?
• Be able to do shopping, dealing with public transit, ordering food in the restaurants, basic conversations with people you meet?
• Start German from scratch?

If yes:

Come practice German with us by doing real things! Have a drink at a nice café or a creative event space, meet some new friends, and participate in fresh language learning activities such as roleplaying, word games and other creative activities to better survive in daily situations in Berlin!

What is "Survival German for Absolute Beginners"?

It's not a traditional language class! It's a social learning event! We learn languages by doing real things together and giving time and space to meet and talk to and learn from other learners and native speakers in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.

Which German language level is required?

This learning event builds a safe learning space for absolute beginners of German as a foreign language. It's for people who want to start or restart from scratch. Advanced beginners are allowed to come, but please be patient and help your co-learners.

Where is the venue?

Café "Kauf dich glücklich", Oderberger Straße 44 in Prenzlauer Berg

Does it cost anything?

a) Drop-in fee: 12,50€
b) 3-ticket-pass with 3 "Deutschbydolings": 30€ = 3 x 10€ for Survival German and Deutsch-by-doing ( meetups
c) 6-ticket-pass with 6 "Deutschbydolings": 52€ = 6 x 8,50€ for Survival German and Deutsch-by-doing ( meetups

You can pay the drop-in fee and get the 3 or 6 ticket pass from language trainer right at the end of the meetup.

The 3 or 6 ticket-pass gives you access to "Survival German for Beginners" and "Deutsch by doing" events. It is valid for 6 months.

Why do you charge a fee?

Running a meetup isn't free, and takes time. The biggest part of your fee goes towards the German facilitator. We pay the Meetup subscription, buy new games and materials, and have professional language trainers help you improve your language skills. Thanks for your support!

To everyone:
Please click "RSVP" to reserve your spot only if you can join us.

Happy Survival in Berlin!

Christian Reuter