“Defensive Pessimism” to Build Great Software / Image Recognition with Watson

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Using “Defensive Pessimism” to Build Great Software at YML
Adam Talcott, Edward Cessna, and Ramsundar Shandilya, Y Media Labs

At YML, we take pride in creating great software as part of our mission to make digital products and experiences which have lasting impact. An important part of our process is anticipating the various scenarios our software may face and taking those scenarios into account from design through deployment and beyond. At YML, we refer to this concept as “defensive pessimism”.

After introducing YML, a customer experience design and technology agency with a vision of becoming our clients’ most valued partner, we will dive into defensive pessimism. We will discuss the ramifications for design and review examples of user experiences created with defensive pessimism in mind. We will also cover the resulting architecture considerations and the impact on reliability.

We will close by recapping some of the more interesting updates from WWDC 2018, held the previous week in San Jose.

Augmenting Experiences with Visual Recognition
Sam Couch, developer advocate @ IBM

Exploring ways to use image recognition to create dynamic and engaging experiences for users to interact with both the world around them and our apps

With Watson Visual Recognition you can build custom image classifiers and deploy the models directly into your app. Integrating your custom models directly into your app with Core ML takes only a few lines of code and can create dynamic and engaging experiences for your users. This talk will cover how Watson integrates with Core ML as well as explore potential applications of visual recognition in iOS apps.