Code meets Reality - Modern Hardware Insights


We've already talked a lot about code and software, but now its time to take our code into the physical world. Our next meetup will be all about Hardware and how new possibilities change the requirements for Hardware nowadays.

Our MeetUp will take place at the Fujitsu Highlight Tower in the 27th floor! So a huge shoutout goes to Fujitsu who offer us their awesome location. Therefore it's advisable to set your RSVP as early as possible to get your fixed seat at the top of Munich. And as always, Microsoft will provide us Pizza & Drinks for the whole event.

For this MeetUp Philips will join us to talk about one of their latest innovations, the "Grid Eye". This technology will help making things like autonomous driving real!

Furthermore Christian Waha, a Microsoft HoloLens MVP and CEO of Industrial Holographics, will give us an overview on how the HoloLens works and show us some Demos of how the HoloLens can be used.

And last but not least blik.IO, a munich based startup, will give us insights about their product, a smart IoT device for logistics which will help companies to get an overview about their storage.

Very important: If you want to join us for our MeetUp, please come early and bring your ID/Passport! We can unfortunatly only host up to 55 people in the location, and your ID/Passport is necessary to register yourself at the front desk.

We're looking forward to see a lot of familiar and new faces and get interesting insights in the world of modern IT.