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This is an international Meetup group about biohacking and beyond. We cover all topics that help you to thrive instead of just surviving. We aim to cover all aspects of

• biohacking

• cognitive enhancement

• meditation (with and without biofeedback i.e. HRV heart rate variability, EEG) and mindfulness / gratefulness

• Sleep optimization

• cooking (Paleo, Bulletproof, Ketogenic, Keto Reset

• exercise (HIT, HIIT, with adaptive resistance, Body by Science etc.)

• Supplements

• Hormone stabilization & optimization

• Light therapy (Irlen Syndrome, IR, medical Lasers, blue blockers and more)

• Biohacking gadgets

• fasting & Intermittent fasting

• Gut biome / viome

• Avoiding toxins like mycotoxins,

Biohacking is a mindset and it starts with taking full control and responsibility over yourself.

We aim to find your individual optimal set point for body, mind & soul for true thriving.

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For business reasons (won't be in town) - I had to move this meetup meeting one week. This meeting's topic hasn't been defined just yet

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