Modern trends in programming languages


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The world of programming is still changing. Modern programming languages like Kotlin or Go conquer the world by being simple, efficient and powerful. In this MeetUp Sebastian from Jet Brains will explain why they created Kotlin and why they think this is a real game changer not just for Android developers. Borja Clemente Castanera from SAP will explain how Go is used in Kyma to build modern developer tools that help drive the community and lower the entry barrier for beginners. Andrea Neumayr from DLR will give us insights into her project Modia/Modia3D using Julia, a programming language developed by MIT for scientific computing.

The MeetUp takes place in the Google office in Munich and starts at 19:00. Between the talks there will be enough time for networking with food and drinks.


1. Sebastian Aigner - Jet Brains: "Why Kotlin? Building a language based on lessons learned"

2. Borja Clemente Castanera - SAP: "Building developer tools for the Open Source Project Kyma with Go"

3. Andrea Neumayr - German Aerospace Center (DLR): "Modia a domain-specific extension of Julia for modeling physical systems"